PRIME1STUDIO 1/4 : Assassin Predator [ULTIMATED]

PRIME1STUDIO 1/4 : Assassin Predator [ULTIMATED]

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The Predator (Film)

Assassin Predator [ULTIMATED]

1/4 Scale


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Release Date : Apr - Jun 2021 / เมษายน - มิถุนายน 2564


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Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the 1/4 scale PMTPR-02UT: Assassin Predator Ultimate Version from The Predator (2018 Film).

From Shane Black, the Director of Iron Man 3, comes the high-octane action thriller that takes the original 80’s cult classic to the next level. Predators have been genetically evolving themselves to be stronger, smarter and more lethal than ever before. The Assassin Predator, also known as the Upgraded Predator or the Ultimate Predator is a genetically modified Predator and arch-nemesis of the Fugitive Predator. He is taller, faster, and stronger than a normal Predator and he could manipulate his body to give him a tough armored exterior. He also does not need a mask to have thermal vision.

The base is inspired by the inside of Predator spacecraft and has a built-in LED light-up function. The Assassin Predator is made with a great precision and attention to details and measures approximately 36.5 inches tall.

This Ultimate Version comes with two interchangeable portraits. You can enjoy displaying both portraits at the same time as we have also added the Head Stand for the second Head Part. It also includes two interchangeable hand parts – the normal one and the hand holding Fugitive Predator’s head. This version also includes a Predator Hound Statue!

This is the ultimate a must have piece for all Predator fans!


  • Statue Size approx. 36.5 inches tall [H:92.9cm W:59.5cm D:43.6cm (D:47cm with Predator’s Head)]
  • Head Stand Size approx. 13.5 inches tall [H:34.3cm W:26.8cm D:27.7cm]
  • Predator Hound Size approx. 18 inches tall [H:45.5cm W:43.7cm D:75cm]
  • One (1) designed base with the LED Light-up function
  • One (1) Head Stand
  • One (1) Predator Hound Statue
  • Two (2) interchangeable Portraits (Open Mouth・Closed Mouth)
  • Two (2) interchangeable Hand Parts (Normal・Holding Fugitive Predator Head)



Formats Premium Masterline
Series The Predator (Film)
Scale 1/4 Scale
Product Code PMTPR-02UT
Product Size H:92.9cm W:59.5cm D:43.6cm
H:92.9cm W:59.5cm D:47cm(Holding Fugitive Predator Head)
H:34.3cm W:26.8cm D:27.7cm(Head Stand)
H:45.5cm W:43.7cm D:75cm(Predator Hound)
Product Weight 47.6kg
Material Polystone and other materials


  • Prototype samples shown.
  • Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.


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