Queen Studios 1/1 : Batman (Justice League)

Queen Studios 1/1 : Batman (Justice League)

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Queen Studios

Batman (Justice League)

Life Size Bust

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Release Date : Jul - Sep  2021 / กรกฎาคม - กันยายน 2564

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  • EMS +500 บาท
  • Grab Bike / Lalamove ราคาตามระยะทาง
  • Special Free of charge for Meeting Up at Central Plaza Rama9 / พิเศษนัดรับไม่มีค่าใช้จ่าย : เซนทรัลพระราม 9


In 2017, a new team of superheroes banded together to save the world from external threats. Inspired by Superman’s sacrifice, Batman (Ben Affleck) led this team consisting of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg in an epic battle to save mankind.

The 2017 Justice League may have had mixed reviews, with many fans calling for the release of the #Snydercut. But one thing’s for certain, these heroes are as popular as ever.

As huge Batman fans, the team at Queen Studios loved Affleck’s performance as an ageing hero. As soon as we got the opportunity to make the bust, we knew this was our chance to do something special. In this post, we’ll give you the story behind the 1:1 Justice League Batman Bust.

Standing 60.5cm tall, the Justice League Batman 1:1 Ben Affleck Bust bows his head with a steely expression and tight pursed lips. The Caped Crusader looks deep in thought as he sits above the Grim Reaper. His cowl, cape, suit and base are made of polystone, while his strong jawline is crafted from top-grade silicone.

The final bust is carefully detailed throughout, and the character is brought to life with glass eyes, hand-punched stubble and even eyelashes.

Release time : Q2, 2021