Tsume XTRA : My Hero Academia

Tsume XTRA : My Hero Academia

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Tsume XTRA : My Hero Academia

Bakugo & Midoriya

1/10 Scale


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  • Special Free of charge for Meeting Up at Central Plaza Rama9 / พิเศษนัดรับไม่มีค่าใช้จ่าย : เซนทรัลพระราม 9



- Katsuki Bakugo

«Did you have your fun mocking me all this time? You have a Quirk, right? Why won’t you use it? Are you underestimating me?» Bakugo to Midoriya

Prideful and thirsty for victory, Katsuki is always looking down on others, especially Midoriya whom he named “Deku” (meaning “good for nothing”) and treats like garbage since they’re four-years old.

His rage and frustration skyrockets when he’s facing his lame childhood friend because Deku dares to oppose him. Even more, he’s fighting him hard, dodging each and every of his attacks! For the first time in Bakugo’s life, it’s not about winning anymore... it’s about putting Deku back where he belongs: below him, in the dirt!

This Xtra by Tsume’s figure depicts this exact scene where Katsuki uses his grenade shaped equipment to increase his Quirk’s efficiency. He’s willing to end an already too long fight, whatever the costs. His eyes filled with rage, he triggers an explosion so big it will literally blow a part of the building they’re standing in!

- Izuku Midoriya

«I'm not gonna be your worthless punching bag Deku forever... Kacchan. I'm... I'm the Deku who always does his best! And I’m gonna do my best to win this fight!–Midoriya to Bakugo

Since he’s a child, Izuku is a very polite, shy yet helpful boy. Harassed by Bakugo whose named him “Deku” (for “Defensless Izuku”) his entire childhood, he has a very low self-confidence. However, after a life-changing encounter with his idol, he enters U.A. high school to make his dream comes true: “saving people with a smile that knows no fear”, like the great All Might does!

Working very hard to be worthy of his newly acquired Quirk, Midoriya’s talent si blossoming little by little until he’s finally ready to step out of Bakugo’s shadow. He’s now able to face and challenge him.

During a test exam at school, Midoriya fights Bakugo and gives his best to win. This Xtra by Tsume’s figure depicts him jumping to punch his friend. The figure comes with an extra head, so you can choose to display Midoriya with his bare head or with his mask torn on it. Both heads feature a look full of the determination of becoming the new Symbol of Peace.

Product Detail

Name : Katsuki Bakugo & Izuku Midoriya
License : My hero academia
Range : XTRA
Scale : 1/10
Materials : PVC, ABS
Release time : Q1, 2020


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