TSUME Ranma1/2: Jusenkyo's Cursed Springs

TSUME Ranma1/2: Jusenkyo's Cursed Springs

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Ranma1/2: Jusenkyo's Cursed Springs




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Release Date : Jan - Mar 2021 / มกราคม - มีนาคม 2564


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Ranma1/2: Jusenkyo's Cursed Springs



Limited Edition: 1.200 pieces.



Artistic direction

Saesa Kiyokawa, Cyril Marchiol

Concept art

Marijke Wilms

3D sculptors

Claudio Saavedra Iriarte, Cyril Farudja

Technical engineering

Muhammet Ay, Jose Ku Chio Lu

Statue preparation

Mickael Gros, Éric Jolivalt, Aurélie Nagot


Mickael Gros, Éric Jolivalt




H: 30 cm / W: 31 cm / D: 29 cm


Polyresin, PU, PVC, ABS, magnets


Another classics from the 90’s manga/anime is joining Tsume’s catalogue: Ranma 1/2.


Meet Ranma and Genma, back at Jusenkyo’s cursed springs to train once more. The setup is a tribute to the leading moment when Saotome’s family’s fate changed forever. Quite a tragedy! Standing amid the hot springs’ haze, father and son are facing each other, standing on one foot, balancing on a bamboo stick. Looking decided, Ranma is about to evade his stupid father’s attack while Genma – as a panda – is as committed to teaching his ingrate son all the secrets of Saotome’s martial arts’ school.


Very aerial, this statue – as Jusenkyo’s springs are – is more than meet the eye. Characters’ posing and quite simple design requires the 3D interpretation and the sculpture to be flawless. Takahashi Rumiko’s style is quite remarkable and the biggest challenge was succeeding into sculpting a face which is true to her drawings in every angle. The painting is also great: Black and White’s Genma is contrasting with a very colorful Ranma who’s wearing his iconic outfit.Last but not least, the base features the manga’s original Japanese logo and depicts the famous cursed springs. The overall is still quite reasonable in size but visually very appealing. Water is made with transparent resin, just as the clouds which add to the feeling of lightness of the whole statue.


Estimated start of deliveries: early 2021


©Rumiko Takahashi / Shogakukan


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