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Release Date : Apr-Jun 2019 / เมษายน - มิถุนายน 2562


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Product Description

With Thanos’ powers growing ever stronger the Avengers are having to up their game to keep up. Enter the Egg Attack Action EAA-072, the all-powerful Doctor Strange who is ready to fly into action and save the universe from annihilation.


Beast Kingdom proudly presents the latest EAA based on the once famous, yet egotistical surgeon turned magical avenger and sole protector of the Time Stone.


Take flight with the distinct Egg Attack Action styling, applied to the cute yet serious image of Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of the famous sorcerer.


With evil lurking around every corner, cross legs, use the levitating cloak and 26 points of articulation to soar high in the sky, all the while stocking up on magical weapons including the sacred sword of Vishanti or the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak ropes as well as wrist bolts, needed to defeat any enemy!


Exclusive to the EAA-072, channel the extra-dimensional energy to multiply the doctor’s arms in the Image of Ikonn, ready for teleportation and time manipulation. With the included accessories create mystic shields for protection or spells using the included divine medallion: The Eye of Agamotto.


With a host of new accessories and options the Doctor Strange action figure offers collectors new and exciting ways to show off the Master of Mystic Arts, so add the this EAA-072 to your Avengers collection now. That’s the doctors’ orders!


Special Features

6-inch Dr. Strange Action Figure from Avengers: Infinity War

- Up to 26 points of articulation


One (1) Interchangeable head including:

- Dr. Strange Action head sculpt with movable eyes


Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable hands including:

- One (1) pair of fists

- One (1) pair of relaxed hands

- One (1) pair of gripped hands

- One (1) pair of spell casting hands


Seventeen (17) pieces of mystical accessories including:

- Two (2) Green

- Glyph Rings

- Two (2) medium wrist effects

- Two (2) small wrist effects

- Two (2) mandala effects

- Two (2) Orange

- The Ruby Rings of Raggadorr

- One (1) The Sacred Sword of Vishanti

- One (1) Bundle of ropes

- The Crimson Bands of Cyttorak

- Three (3) Pairs of manipulated totem arms add-on

- The Image of Ikonn



- One (1) Removable

– Magical Cloak of LevitationAccessories

- One (1) Normal state

- The Eye of Agamotto

- One (1) Special magical state

- The Eye of Agamotto

- Exclusive stand


Product Size: 16x8x6 cm
Material: ABS, PVC

**Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ in appearance.