KING ARTS : Ironman Mark II [2] Repair Version Charger Statue

KING ARTS : Ironman Mark II [2] Repair Version Charger Statue

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King Arts PCS004


Ironman Mark II [2] Repair Version Charger Statue

1/4 Power Charger Series 


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Product Series: 1/4 Power Charger Series 

Product Name: 1/4 Mark2 Repair Version Charger Statue 

Product Code: PCS004

Film Authorized :<< Iron man 3>>


Product Specification

Product Measurement: 20*14*36CM

Material Used:engineering-plastic ABS



*Final products maybe slightly different from the official pictures shown.


Product features

* Return live-action Tony in the underground workshop repair scenarios, the classic scene fully vivid presenting on the product

* Meticulous coloring technology with advanced metal oil, perfect presenting the metal feeling of iron man

* Exquisite detail processing, create a perfect and outstanding iron man.

* Fiber optic effect using, spreading the same light effect as the movie scene, striking 

* Back Armor can open, fine component presenting, you can also become Tony help MARK2 repairing 

*Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery in the bottom base, which can supply the power for any USB power charging products 

*1/4 high quality images collection, perfect for displaying and power charging, absolutely your preferred collection 

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