KING ARTS : Iron Man Mark46 1/9 DIECAST

KING ARTS : Iron Man Mark46 1/9 DIECAST

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King Arts DFS041

Captain America: Civil War

Iron Man Mark46

1/9 Diecast Figure series


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Product introduction

In "Captain America 3" movie, Iron Man MK46 led the red team and the captain of the United States launched the war of red and blue, handsome appearance streamline, and Classic red color, over many glowing lights bit, make him become the most popular armor one! Now King Arts to 1/9 alloy movable materialized, everyone is not to be missed collection of choice!

Product Series: 1/9 Diecast Figure series

Product Name: 1/9 Diecast Action Iron Man Mark46

Product Code: DFS041

Film Authorized :<< Captain America: Civil War >>


Product Specification

Product Measurement: 24CM(Height)

Material Used:Alloy +Engineering plastics ABS

Barcode: 4897056411630



*Final products maybe slightly different from the official pictures shown.

*All prices do not include freight. Shipment from China.


Product features

*Around 24CM height ,ultra high movable design can exhibit for various film dynamic pose!

*Alloy armor and alloy joint made the iron man good quality and bring people more reality. 

*Exquisite painting, good looking, fully expresses the Iron man’s steel mechanical feeling!

*25Light effect made the people feeling back to the movie scene.

*4 pair palms provided!

*New base holder provided for displaying various flying action!


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